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Classes for Models


Our Commercial clients will often say that they want us to find “very good looking actors – not models”

THEY DO WANT MODELS! but they don’t want them to be ‘too modelly’

These clients want a good looking person who is approachable and accessible. ‘Not too modelly’ means ‘no model attitude’.

  • no pouting or hair flicks!
  • no ‘catwalk’ walk or ‘slinking’
  • models must be comfortable and natural ‘on camera’

We can help models to gain more confidence and to lose any model-like ‘bad habits’ that commercial advertisers do not want to see at a casting.


  • The workshops take place on a saturday morning, span approximately 3 hours and include two short breaks.
  • We run through a list of valuable tips, techniques & advice on how to present yourself at a commercial casting
  • We point out the do’s and don’ts of auditioning for a commercial
  • Models work with a commercial script on camera. This is reviewed on-screen and we give valuable feedback and helpful advice regarding their individual performance. Not many classes offer this view back facility but we find it really helps models to see what the director and casting directors see when we view the footage after a casting.
  • Working with broadcast quality equipment/technology in a central London studio with a professional cameraman gives models a true commercial casting studio experience
  • Small classes also enable plenty of one on one attention and add a very personal approach to the session.

Models develop a confidence that will stay with them for all future castings


Class 1: An insight into commercial castings.

Location: Spotlight Studios

Class Size: Limited to 14 people

Cost: £89.00 * If you are a performer this is 100% tax deductible

This class caters for models with all levels of experience, from those who have already attended commercial castings (but may need a helping hand in order to book the job) to models with no commercial casting experience at all.

Our classes have 100% positive feedback and a high success rate of models consequently being booked on commercials!